To Former Clients of Christian Counseling Associates, Inc.

Christian Counseling Associates officially closed on December 31, 2022, and the corporation, Christian Counseling Associates, Inc., was dissolved on April 10, 2023.  CCA no longer exists and no longer has records of any former clients.

All medical records, both stored on paper from before November, 2019, and stored electronically beginning in November, 2019, have been transferred to Clary Document Management, Inc.  Clary Document Management, Inc., now manages all of our records.


To retrieve any medical records originated by a member of CCA’s staff, you must make an official request to Clary Document Management.  Making such a request also requires submitting their request form with your notarized signature.  There will be a minimum charge of $20.00 for handling, except for requests from governmental agencies.


To initiate a request for your records, contact Clary Document Management in one of the following ways:



1.   On their website:


2.  By phone at:  763-548-1320


3.  By FAX at:  763-548-1325


4.  By email at:


5.  By mail at:  Clary Document Management, Inc.

5600 Pioneer Creek Drive

Maple Plain, MN 55359

The following is the document you must fill out and send to Clary ...